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When we’re designing spaces, whether it’s for our homes, an office or other establishment such as a restaurant, or a hotel, flooring perhaps isn’t the first aspect of the design we focus on, but it is definitely one of the most important.



Your flooring is certainly going to have to stand up to more wear and tear than your wall coverings or lighting solutions, and it will require certain properties such as being non-slip or easy to clean. In addition, you’ll want it to look stunning and be long lasting.  Once your flooring is in place, replacing it because you’ve made the wrong choice is a time consuming and costly process. So it’s important to choose wisely and get your flooring right first time. That’s why we recommend two fantastic flooring brands, that between them offer such a wide range of choices, there’s a flooring option for every taste and every location. Our flooring brands of choice are Forbo and 2tec2. Two manufacturers of stylish, high quality floorings.


Discover Forbo



Forbo was established way back in 1928. They began selling linoleum, before branching out into carpet and vinyl floorings. Originally a Swiss company, Forbo’s popularity ensured it became the global business it is today. Here at EKA Group, we offer several Forbo flooring options, some of these is Marmoleum / Marmoleum Marble. Marmoleum flooring is a great choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. It’s a natural flooring made from 97% natural raw materials, including 43% recycled content and 70% rapidly renewable content. This flooring is available in more than 300 different colours and over 12 designs giving you so many different options to make your space unique. Marmoleum flooring offers the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It works as well in a residential property as it does in a professional environment such as an office space or a hotel. You can view all Forbo collections here.


Discover 2tect2


2tec2 is a Belgian flooring company specialising in the latest high-tech flooring solutions. Perfection and sustainability are core ideologies of 2tec2. With great products for any scenario, 2tec2 floorings are ideal for offices, hotels, and residences. With a blend of woven vinyl and fibreglass, these floorings deliver the warmth of a woven floor covering with a high level of durability. They’re robust, they’re easy to clean and they’ll last a long time, even in areas of heavy footfall in public buildings.  Due to the unique construction of these floorings, they’re even suitable for areas that need regular cleaning and sanitising such as kitchens and healthcare environments. You can view all 2tec2 collections here.


Which will you choose?

All these quality flooring solutions are ideal for any setting, you just need to decide which options to go for. You have too many choices with colour and style options so do come into one of our stores and take a closer look. Our experts are on hand to advise you and guide you to the very best choice for your home or business premises.

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