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We spend so much time in our offices, it really does make sense to make these the most pleasant places to be. A place that’s perfectly functional, yet also pleasing to the eye and comfortable. Awell-designed office, with carefully chosen ergonomic furnishings and some useful accessories can really improve the productivity of those who work there.


A functional office design is a must

Designing an officelayout is perhaps more complicated than you may at first think. Each desk area has certain requirements. It needs to be comfortable, for instance, no one will want to have their back to the rest of the room if everyone else is facing inwards. Everyone needs their area to be functional for both private work and concentration. You’ll also want everyone to havegood lighting. Little niggling annoyances with the setup can really build up when you’re encountering them every day. So, it’s important to get everything right from the start.


Choose ergonomic furniture for health and wellbeing


Ergonomic furniture has been specifically designed to be used at length for the least adverse impact on the body. Sitting at a desk every day can eventually lead to some painful conditions such as back and joint ache. By choosing high quality ergonomic furniture you can keep the risks of developing health problems due to the office environment to a minimum. Take a look at the Gesture chair, inspired by the movement of the human body and designed to be used at a desk with a computer. Or the beautiful Please chair with two backrests making it so very adjustable to your own requirements.


Useful accessories can make all the difference

It’s the smaller details that really can make a big difference to how pleasant an office environment is to spend time in. Ensuring every employee has everything they need will ensure they are happy and productive. A desk lightis a great addition, with the option to focus extra lighting on the task at hand, or simply to brighten up the work zone on a dull day. Check out the Dash task light with 360° head and lower arm rotation giving the ultimate flexibility. EKA Group also offer a range of partitions to suit any office environment, giving more flexibility and privacy within the workplace. Divisio and Partito are both high quality dividers you’ll want to take a closer look at.


Make the right impression with EKA Group

EKA Group has been improving lives and workspaces with its wide variety of office products. With this length of experience your office redesign project is in safe hands. From building renovations to the smallest of accessories, no detail is overlooked and standards throughout are of the very highest quality. If you’re looking for office solutions that will inspire a productive workforce and make a great impression with clients, then please do get in touch, we’re sure we can help you!

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