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Laminate flooring is a robust and durable flooring option. It is tough enough for the busiest of family lives and the design options are endless. It is easy to install and can work in any area of your home. Some laminates such as those made by EGGER are created from waste materials making them an environmentally friendly option. The base of the laminate consists of a tough, strong layer, this is topped by a layer of high-density fibreboard, then on top of that there is a high definition image layer and finally a layer of resin to seal the design. Laminate is a great choice for many reasons, here are just some of them…


Laminate has good moisture resistance

Laminate flooring is ideal for areas of the home where the floor may get wet such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Unlike wood, laminate has good water resistance and won’t swell when it gets wet, so there are no worries if your kids love to splash about in the bath!



It offers unlimited design options

With modern design techniques, just about any surface you can imagine can be recreated as laminate. From an aged oak floor to a modern tile design, there are so many options. Have the floor you’ve always dreamed of, with the convenience of laminate. 


It’s perfect for everyday life

Some floorings take so much maintenance or are easily damaged. Laminate flooring really is the best is tough and durable and easy to clean. So, you don’t have to spend your time waxing and polishing. With laminate, you can simply live life to the full, the kids and your pets can enjoy their home with a flooring that can take everything that is thrown at it – literally!



Laminate has good green credentials

Laminate is also a great choice for the environmentally conscious. EGGER laminate is constructed using PEFC certified industrial wood, and waste wood from sawmills. It’s also totally recyclable!


Discover a world of laminate with EGGER

EGGER have been creating amazing floorings since the early 60s and are passionate about making environmentally friendly products from the highest quality materials that will enhance any home and be incredibly long lasting. With decades of expertise, you can rely on EGGER laminate flooring. Discover the EGGER range of laminate and find your perfect floor.

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