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For some people bathroom is just another room in the house. For others, including us, is as special as every other space. A place of relaxation and physical wellbeing, a bathroom can turn into a canvas of self-expression and personal taste. To that end, we present to you some unique mirror collections which transform your bathroom spaces. The collections are all available for purchase at EKA showrooms.





Italian designer Antonio Lupi is well known for his unique bathroom collections featuring unexpected shapes, innovative materials, and ingenious design. USB mirror collection is no exception. Available in oval, arched or rounded corners, in different heights, the series features indirect backlighting which adds charm and style to your bathroom spaces. Learn more about it here.





The Circus/Circus Sunrise mirror is perfect in its simplicity. Featuring a total round shape and background lighting, this Antonio Lupi mirror is imposing and effortlessly alluring. Available in various sizes ranging from ø72 to ø200 diameter and a 5mm thickness. Click here to read more. 





What if we took a circle and cut it in half? We’ d create the Spicchio mirror. An unapologetically simple, yet elegant, semi-circled mirror revealing itself in the aura of suspension and the sensation of lightness. A friendly element, enhancing your bathroom’s design and fitting into different style contexts. Available in different sizes! Read more about its specifications here





If art and functionality merged into a single product, it would become the "Collage" mirror by the one and only, Antonio Lupi. Acting as bridge between imagination and reality, it features an architectural image and you as the main link between the two. An appealing, ingenious, and undeniably unique bathroom accessory. Available around frames in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Find more information, with a single click here.


These mirrors are the perfect complement to a stylish and contemporary bathroom. If you found the perfect mirror for your bathroom spacesin this list, do not hesitate to visit one of our showrooms and have a one-to-one discussion with our experienced staff on interior decoration ideas.

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