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Architectural design has changed drastically over time in response to the increasing demands of modern consumer and the need for a more functional and sustainable living environment. Green roofs are part of this modern architectural direction, offering many benefits at both an individual and a communal level. Here are the most important ones:


It is a natural rainwater buffer

During periods of heavy rainfall, water gathers in puddles on the roof which may damage the roof’s surface. With green roofs, this problem is solved with the help of the soil which absorbs the water, as well as the membrane under the soil which ensures no water enters your actual roof.


It improves air quality

The plants in your green roof purify the air by converting CO2 into oxygen. This way, you help tackle air pollution – a serious problem which causes many health problems especially in big cities.



It reduces ambient temperature

This benefit concerns both the indoor climate of our homes as well as the one surrounding the green roof. The reason why this happens is because plants absorb 50% of sunlight, while reflecting 30%. What this practically means for you is less AC use during the summer period and, therefore, money savings. However, the surrounding area is also benefited by this, as green roofs can cause up to a 3% decrease in temperature.


It extends roof life

As mentioned earlier, a green roof protects your roof against the sun and rainwater. This leads to doubling, even tripling at some cases, the span of your roof’s life, reducing maintenance costs and offering a high return on investment.


It adds value to the building

A green roof is a sustainable option with many benefits, a lot of them having to do with cost reductions. This is something potential buyers should take into account before investing in property as it adds real value, making the property on which a green roof is placed appealing for investment.



The perfect pair for solar panels

If you have solar panels installed on your roof, then a green roof would be the perfect pair of them. The secret behind this perfect pairing lies in the ability of plants to absorb sunlight, which improves the efficacy of the solar panels.


It has a positive effect on our well-being

It is widely accepted that greenery reduces stress, offers relaxation, and improves our mood, so a green roof could be the haven you can run to in times of mental distress. Also, many like to add furniture to their green roofs, turning it into an area of socializing, which can also contribute to a better well-being.


It is simply breath-taking

In addition to being beneficial, green roofs are also impressive. They redefine the concept of architecture and can be installed in a plethora of ways.


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