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Sustainable ‘green’ homes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no wonder when you discover all the benefits they offer. The biggest benefit of all is that sustainable homes have a low impact on the environment. We all need to do what we can to protect our planet, and by moving towards a more sustainable home, you are playing your part in keeping our world safe for future generations.


There are some great additional benefits too though. With sustainable options, you can actually reduce your outgoings with smart solutions such as a high level of insulation and a focus on energy efficiency. You can cut your bills and be sure of a warm home during the colder months. Sustainable homes are also more attractive to buyers, so when you come to sell, you may well find that you are in a good situation, with a recent survey showing that one in ten people would pay up to 25% extra for a sustainable home.


Sustainable Flooring

A great way to make a start with your sustainable home is to install sustainable eco-friendly flooring. These days there are plenty of floorings that are both sustainable and look great too. Choose a flooring that has the lowest impact on the environment during its manufacturing process, and one that is made as naturally as possible. Think of the future too and look for a flooring that is recyclable. Then you can rest assured that one day further down the line when you wish to replace your flooring, you won’t be having an adverse effect on the environment when you dispose of your old floor.


Marmoleum Marbled – A Sustainable Flooring Solution

When you’re choosing your sustainable flooring, do take a look at Marmoleum Marbled. This innovative product is the first CO2 neutral resilient floor covering in the world. It is made from natural raw materials, it looks beautiful, and it’s also highly durable so it can be used in any high traffic spaces. This product is of a very high quality and it’s also easy to clean. It’s perfect for offices, schools and healthcare environments, but it’s also perfectly suited to the home, looking stunning throughout the house and being especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. This is one of our favourite floorings and we can’t recommend it enough, so do visit our website to learn more.


How about a green roof?

There’s something truly beautiful about a green roof and they too come with a lot of advantages. During the warmer weather it protects your home from direct heat and in winter it works as an insulator to keep the heat inside. With a green roof, you’re reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Your green roof can also become a sanctuary for insects and birds. If you’re lucky, you may even find a rare bird nesting on your green roof. A green roof will also need re-roofing less often, and when you do re-roof it, there will be much less waste than with a traditional roof.


Find out more at EKA

Reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging our customers to take more steps towards sustainable eco-friendly living is something we are passionate about. You’ll find lots of environmentally friendly products on our website, so do browse our site and get in touch for more information about how together, we can help to save our planet.

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