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Tiles can make a fabulous feature in your living room. Whether it’s a whole wall, an alcove or a chimney breast, it can really enhance the room and add a lot of interest, giving extra life to an otherwise plain room. However, when it comes to choosing tiles, you just have so many options! While in one way this is great, the perfect tiles for you are out there somewhere, deciding which tiles to go for can seem rather overwhelming. So here are our top tips to help you narrow down your options and find the tiles that are just right for your home.

Consider your budget

Tiles vary massively in price, so your budget could affect the tiles you choose. If you’re tiling a large area, the costs can add up, if you’re creating a smaller feature then you’ll obviously be able to pay a higher per-tile price and stay within your budget. Try not to go for the cheapest tiles though, good quality will always be the best option, they’ll be easier to maintain and more durable.

Think about size

There are also several different shapes and sizes available. If your living room is small, large tiles can give a feeling of extra space!

Pick your colours

The colours you choose will have a big impact. Bright colours can make a room feel more lively, but will you get bored of them and want a change? It’s wise to choose a colour that you know you’ll be happy with for a long time as changing your tiles will be a big job if you decide you don’t like them. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, then this should also be a consideration. You may love a bright pink tiled feature wall, but it may put off prospective buyers down the line.

Choose the perfect finish

The finish of the tiles is also something you need to think about. Matt, glossy, textured? They will all give a totally different effect to the room. For example, textured tiles can give a great feeling of depth, but deeply textured tiles can gather dust. Maintenance of your tiles should be considered when you’re making your choices, don’t go on looks alone.

Pick tiles you love

At the end of the day, this is your home and you’ll be looking at these tiles every day. Pick a tile design that you love, and they’ll make you happy every time you see them. Don’t be scared to choose something out of the ordinary as long as it works well with the room. It will be a real feature.

Need more advice?

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