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  • Radisson Beach Resort

    Project Type: Hospitality & Leisure

    Location: Larnaca Cyprus

    Protagonist of the outdoor area of Radisson Beach Resort is a great Pergola, whose shapes remind those of the sea waves. It is realized with over 2.600 meters of Infinity 120 Novowood Louvers in white colour, that perfectly blend in the context, where the white of architecture and the blue of the sea meet. Infinity 120 Louvers have also been chosen to screen the rays of sun on the building Façades, where they stand out in the wood colouring, in contrast to the white plaster. The vertical blades filter the sun on both the over 200 rooms of the structure and on the distribution spaces. Infinity 120 is the Novowood Louver that suits best the big spans, thanks to its solidity and the possibility to install a special aluminium frame inside it.