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Louis Workcafe

Project Type: Educational & Cultural

Location: Limassol Cyprus

The Workcafé Concept. For a long time, we have had this idea of finding a space to transform it into a lunch room that would be flexible enough during work hours to hold coffee breaks, informal meetings, or be an outlet to concentrate and focus on work, away from one’s office, in a more casual and relaxing environment. This concept is something big companies abroad have incorporated, making the office space more appealing, and studies have shown these kind of spaces increase creativity, collaboration, and ultimately productivity. After going through various options and scenarios, we found the perfect space for this project. A small building, previously used as a storage room, which is outside the office’s main building, adjacent to the parking lot. We are located in the heart of the old city, where all the craftsmen and workshops used to be, and some still are. Therefore, it was only fitting to go with an industrial look, retaining the building’s integrity while meeting the modern user’s needs. And the extra touch that made this space special for EKA and the people here, was the connection to the company’s identity, history and values. We installed a new façade from the Buchtal collection of KeraTwin K20. Because of the HT System, we have a lifetime maintenance-free installation that will be there and in the same condition for decades.