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Wicanders has a legacy that goes back to 1868 and is the global leading brand in flooring products with cork technology. Its promise is to provide well-being to all people on all types of spaces where they express themselves, interact, laugh, …where they live. It´s a compromise that inspires and moves Wicanders.

Present in more than 70 countries, Wicanders belongs to Amorim Revestimentos, a business unit of Corticeira Amorim - a family company founded in 1870, headquartered in Portugal and distinguished for its know-how and leading role as the biggest cork product company in the world.

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and it's harvested by hand without ever cutting the tree. It is ideal in terms of the ever increasing demand for conservation of natural resources, notable for being a renewable resource.

Over the years, Wicanders has developed sustainable floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its innovative Corktech technology. By using a unique engineered multilayer structure, which combines state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring is achieved, providing the perfect match between design, well-being and durability.

Its uniqueness is daily achieved by continuously research on how end customers use and live their floors. Wicanders brings to the market products that use innovative cork technology which provides a silent and thermally insulated environment, that endures impacts, and is very comfortable to walk and stand on.

Cork inside, wellness outside, perfectly translates Wicanders products´ inspiration in Nature, innovative technology, and the focus on people's well-being.

Floors for Living, is the brand´s way of thinking the interior spaces and how people can enjoy them. Wicanders offers products with cork, wood and stone looks, that are ready for real life, for our home and office, for our different rhythms, for our family and pets, for all those wonderful and simple, yet sometimes unexpected, moments. Floors for our lives.

Wicanders means well-being, a choice for life!