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NOVOWOOD® incorporates the meaning of respect for the environment and a commitment to environmentally friendly technologies. Novowood is a particular type of composite wood created with reclaimed raw materials which are endowed with a second life, thus safeguarding the natural resources of our planet. Thanks to its particular formulation, Novowood is the only wood plastic composite which can be completely recycled up to 20 times at the end of its life cycle without any need to use new materials and with no alteration of its mechanical characteristics. It is an alternative to natural wood, to create floorings, deckings, windows, skirting boards, tiles and other applications in either solid or hollow profiles. The product is 100% recyclable. For these reasons Novowood participated in and stood in first place as "Environment Friendly Innovation 2010”.

Research conducted in synergy with the Materials Engineering Faculty of the University of Ferrara enabled us to calibrate, test and finally market the composite Novowood, which contains 14 additives in addition to two macro elements: polyethylene (HDPE) and wood flour (65% wood flour - 25% HDPE - 10% additives). The quality of the raw materials and additives used determine directly the performance and durability of the final product. Continuous tests on the product serve to guarantee high standards of quality that remain constant over time.

Novowood is composed of very high quality base materials and benefits from the positive characteristics of the various components present within it, eliminating the defects of natural wood. This material has all the features of wood but not the defects. It is esthetically similar to wood, but it can be created in different shapes and colors, thanks to a complex extrusion process. Indoor it creates a warm atmosphere but also the advantages of a not completely natural material.

The technical and aesthetic features of Novowood enable us to supply designers and builders with custom solutions and performances that are guaranteed even under the most difficult conditions. Thanks to the variety of combinations and finishes, the product is used more and more often as a veritable element design, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Initially conceived as a product to be used in very aggressive climates and environments, Novowood has extended its application to a whole variety of areas and uses, in line with growing market demands, thus becoming a partner of designers and contractors in the definition and creation of all types of exterior spaces.