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Egger - More from Wood!

EGGER has a solid base thanks to its healthy growth, innovative products and high quality standards. Their dedicated and highly qualified employees play a key role in making them one of the leading European companies in the wood-based material industry. As a family company with a strong equity base, they are able to largely finance investments in their growth from their own resources. The company only uses external financing in a targeted manner and to a very limited extend. All of this makes them a powerful and future-proof partner.

It was this high standard that motivated Fritz Egger Sr. to open the first chipboard plant at St. Johann in Tirol in 1961 and lay the foundations for the EGGER success story. What do they have to add to that today? They now have a total of 18 plants in 8 countries with 9,600 employees. That is the proud result of an Austrian vision, which drives them forward every day at EGGER and also encourages them to continuously develop further for their customers, partners and employees.