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An energy that emanates from the very essence of matter!

A generating force, an energy that emanates from the very essence of matter and that finds in water the privileged means to provide well-being and comfort. A new project that is part of the research traced with Intreccio to deepen the theme of contemporary matter, to investigate the complex dialogue between immobility and dynamism, between solidity and lightness, between reality and appearance. Vortice is the new free standing Carrara marble sink designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi.

In Vortice, matter takes shape through human thought and the use of advanced processing technologies. A project that best expresses this virtuous cycle between nature, man and machine. Vortice is born from the earth, or rather from the quarry, when the marble block is extracted. It has a small base and develops upward through a revolving movement generating fluid and sinuous geometries accentuated by the unique veins and the plastic like behavior of the material.

The result is an iconic image with a strong expressive charge that becomes the fulcrum, an actual vortex of the space. A moving volume that connects man and nature because it inspires man to imitate the most spectacular phenomena and to restore the ritual of purification to the primordiality of the elements that are part of it. Because in addition to water, which has always been at the center of every antoniolupi project, air is the other great protagonist of Vortice. Air, that is represented in the sink by the evident sensation of lightness and fluctuation that the superimposed but staggered stone layers are able to generate.

Vortice is a sink with a sculptural yet light presence, it is a domestic micro-architecture that refers in shape and proportions to the new towers that are transforming metropolises of the world while remaing light. Vortice is an emblem of uniqueness and the typical Italian know-how, because it originates from a material that has written the pages of world history and finds in the creativity of antoniolupi the possibility of a timeless expression, in which classicism and modernism merge.