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Its image is solid and statuary as that of a single block carved into the stone and polished by water. Its volume is instead generated by the assembly of individual segments interlaid by a black resin. Fonte, the countertop sink, which recalls the image of stone sinks traditionally present in rural and mountain areas. A continuous reference to the power of water and its importance in regulating human life, a continuous leap between past and present, between natural and artificial, between the infinite potential of nature and man's thought.

The circular shape, generated by the sequence of straight segments refers to images of the past, bringing us back to the primordial rites of purification. The perfection of the workmanship makes it possible to obtain shapes by minimizing waste to create elements that furnish the space while respecting the environment and its extraordinary riches.

Round top mount stone sink complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug.

  • Fonte Dimensions: ø45 x H15cm
Color Options

  • Bianco Carrara