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Paolo Ulian @paoloulian never stops to amaze us and once again he has created a small masterpiece for #antoniolupi where materiality, sensitivity and talent have given shape to the FLOW washbasin. The description of Flow in the words of the designer himself: "It's not a normal sink. It is an experimental object around the typology of the marble sink. Shaped by the strength and fluidity of water, it naturally takes on its form itself, creating a symbiotic relationship between machine and processed material where the boundary between one and the other is lost to give life to new and unexplored formal balances.

The concept was born from the observation of a particular processing characteristic of the numerically controlled waterjet machine. This tends to spontaneously create irregular curvilinear waves in relief on the surface of the marble with a fringed effect. Usually this characteristic is considered by the operators as a defect to be avoided, but if we reverse the perspective from which it is observed, this error can be translated into a virtuous characteristic and transformed into an aesthetic quality"