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Completely takes advantage of the potential of Flumood, the material patented by antoniolupi, with a reduced thickness and a contemporary shape generated by the union between rigorous lines and soft curves.

Ago is the top mount sink with a sculptural form in which its volume narrows towards the bottom defining a large and deep basin. The modern and transversal image make it perfect to fit any type of furniture.

AGO 3:
Oval top mount Flumood® sink complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug that can be lacquered externally. Available in multicolour and bianco.

Oval top mount sink in Cristalmood, available in various colors complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug.

  • Dimensions: 50cm x 45cm x 15cm (AGO 3 + AGO3C)
  • Finishes: Solid Surface | Flumood (AGO 3)
  • Finishes: Cristalmood (AGO 3C)
Color Options

  • Bianco

  • Multicolour

  • Ambra

  • Bottiglia

  • Ceruleo

  • Cobalto

  • Fume

  • Ginger

  • Gran Cru

  • Lime

  • Nebbia

  • Ocra

  • Oleo

  • Petrolio

  • Sangria