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H5 Cinquanta

Cielo shower trays are design elements adaptable to any bathroom environment solution. The shower trays are available in several colours and finishes: white, black and colored shower trays in stone matte, anthracite finishes, on the new Terre di Cielo chromaticism and on a wide range of no-slip finishes and exclusive décor created for Ceramica Cielo by the currently most influent designers. The shower trays are offered in different sizes and can be installed at floor level or on floor.

Color Options

  • Agave

  • Arenaria

  • Avena

  • Basalto

  • Brina

  • Cacao

  • Canapa

  • Cemento

  • Cipria

  • Fango

  • Lavagna

  • Lino

  • Muschio

  • Polvere

  • Pomice

  • Talco

  • White

  • Total White No-Slip