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The impact of plants on people’s well-being has been studied many times, and all the research has led to the same conclusion: plants make us happier, more relaxed and healthier. It is our evolutionary path that has forged this deep-rooted link in the psyche, which affects the way we process visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile stimuli. All these sensory perceptions are strongly linked to our wellbeing and even today, on an unconscious level, we associate vegetation with positive aspects.

The flexibility of the raised floor and the beauty of nature: Floora invents a new mode of indoor greenery. A small oasis for every living space. The Floora system is a 600 x 600 mm module consisting of a composition of indoor plants cultivated in hydroponics, designed to fit into any type of raised floor. Easy to fit in, Floora promotes an idea of contemporary living and to all intents and purposes “green”, with the possibility to create your unique composition choosing among many indoor plants.

Floora uses the hydroponics system, a plantation technique with multiple advantages in terms of maintenance and sustainability. Hydroponics is an agricultural technique which plants grow by sinking their roots into water and expanded clay, used instead of traditional soil. Suitable plants are placed in special reticulated pots, called hydroponics pots, from which the roots come out. The water level indicator is fundamental in hydroponics. Plants must be wetted a few hours after the indicator has reached the minimum level to promote complete water absorption and oxygenation of the roots.