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Back to the Office Solutions (B2O) enable companies to adapt their workspaces, with short-term solutions that require minimum investment, to allow people to come back to the office safely.

Retrofitting Shields:
Light and easy to install, the retrofitting extensions provide an immediate and low-investment solution for additional protection at the workstation by leveraging existing space-division elements on desks and benches.

Desk Shields:
Easy and quick to integrate into different workspaces, the Desk Shields provide the desired level of protection with a variety of applications and materials.

Freestanding Shields:
Movable and easy to clean, the Freestanding Shields provide structure to any environment while supporting the protection of personal space.

Small details can make a great difference. Dispensers allow employees and visitors to access personal protection equipment such as face masks, gloves or sanitizers. Name tags help to signal whether a workstation is occupied or clean and ready to use.