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Bauder Green Roof Systems:

Ecological building is increasingly popular and green roofs have become established as a way of balancing the effects of development on the environment. They add an ecological aspect to the roof construction and make a significant contribution to greater sustainability.

Green roofs store water in a natural way. They absorb dust and hardly heat up, even at extreme temperatures. Their protection of the roof waterproofing against environmental impact is even better than protection provided by a gravel bed while they also prolong the life expectancy of waterproofing/sealing.
Every green roof creates a new habitat on the rooftop. Intensive planting including lawn, perennials, shrubs and trees as well as paths and seating areas can be designed and used like any other garden. Extensive planting on the other hand consists of low growing plants and can only be accessed for maintenance, care and inspection purposes.

Whether you prefer intensive or extensive planting, both methods of planting create valuable and interesting replacement of habitats for a wide variety of plants, birds, animals and invertebrates. This way, you can enhance biodiversity and give something back to nature that would otherwise be lost due to development.

Roof planting adds value to a building by:
• Storing rain water and delaying run-off
• Improving heat protection and noise proofing
• Protecting the roof waterproofing/sealing against extreme temperatures
• Improving the micro climate due to dust absorption, temperature balancing and humidity control
• Improving the visual appearance of a building
• Increasing the usability of roof spaces
• Hardly warming up in the summer and thereby being able to reduce the urban heat island effect.

For more information visit: http://www.bauder.co.uk