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Monolithic Decorative Flooring - Granostone

Granostone is a unique flooring system that combines natural river pebbles to create a premium quality, durable, safe, attractive and versatile surface covering. The product is suitable for commercial, residential, interior, and exterior applications, and can be laid vertically or horizontally offering very attractive results. It can be applied in areas such as porches, patios, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, walk paths, or even walls. A blend of pebbles pre-mixed with acrylic resin on top in a variety of colours and design options, it offers a compact, easy to clean, long lasting floor finish that is second to none.

Advantages of Granostone over other exterior floor finishes:
1. Durability
2. Lasting colour and appearance retention
3. Monolithic construction (prevents problems associated with joints)
4. It can be installed in thin layers
5. Suitable for renovation
6. Slip resistant
7. It can be installed on vertical surfaces