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Lignage is a journey through time, the design legacy of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Noken's latest designer jewel. Sketch by sketch, its forms and lines are revealed, defining its exclusivity and positioning itself as a luxury piece for the bathroom.

Their design is reminiscent of classic taps, but with a fully renewed aesthetic. Their different formats - with mixer tap, three-piece set, and three-piece wall-mounted set - allow these taps to adapt to different types of bathroom. Their uniqueness and refinement are shown in their finishes: chrome, gold, brushed gold, brushed titanium and brushed copper; and the finishes of their handles.

Now available with new handle types. Each handle transports us to a different formal world, the result of a simple change, one different design expression. This is what gives the collection such visual impact, helping it to fit seamlessly into different spaces.

  • Top Mounted | Wall Mounted