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The Lounge range is perceived as a purely geometrical evolution. It does not want to be static as it refl ects the dynamic synthesis of the natural lines, neat and rational. Designs that evoke unique architectural spaces born at Simone Micheli’s studio. Result of a thorough analysis, the Lounge sanitaryware range refl ects its symbols and poetic expressions.
“My idea of aesthetics is not based on minimalism. On the contrary, I base myself on maximalist aesthetics with the soul and subtleness of Italian finesse. The new luxury is in the emotion of a redefined object; sobriety which causes pleasant stimulus without falling into lavish Barroquism and overpowering decoration. Luxury is in the accuracy of the brassware, in its mechanisms, in the synthesised design and in the sensuality of the textures. Human beings become the centre of the space, the only character of the habitat, whose frame of mind expresses the harmonious continuity which peacefully interacts with the users”, Simone Micheli.

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