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Design is a game. For real experts only. In Qamar, innovation combines with a distinctive touch of character to create a range of bathroom furnishings in which the accent remains on style while paying close attention to functional components, user-friendly settings and technological details. The distinguishing feature of the collection is the superb style, with the beautifully simple design of the perimeter structure, the large handles, the asymmetrical effects of the surfaces and the chrome-plated details making up the elements that render the wide existing range instantly recognizable and bring an unmistakable touch to your bathroom. “Moon” is its veritable meaning, deriving from a strong brightness, reflection, texture and colours: the main elements of the series. The slim frame available in glass varnished in various colours on the back or in silver, bronze or smoky mirror material – is the main original feature, with which it is possible to combine fabric-effect finishes, laminates or lacquered colours, chosen by the designer Sergio Brioschi from a rich variety offered by Inda to create unique, beautifully smooth combinations.