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A pure and timeless collection, a simple geometric shape with rigorous and essential structure embellished by the quality of the finishes and materials used. A refined color range and identifying trait of the handle integrated into the door. ORMA is a concrete collection, a series of furniture made from a laminated “core”, and an external “skin”, lacquered or in wood essence. A construction technique that leaves room for numerous custom possibilities and combinations of materials and textures for both the doors and the structures, as well as open compartments, drawers and containers.

The handle is the highlight of the collection, precisely the mark. A distinctive sign, which is revealed in the cabinets placed at the end of the composition for which the handle is milled up to a third of the door, while that of the central cabinets are milled over the entire width. The result is a continuous groove that develops along the entire width of the piece of furniture and when opened gives the whole a characteristic feature that enhances the technical excellence of the workmanship and details.