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A project that is essential in form as it is articulated in function, a modular system that starts from a basic element to be expressed in many ways, a concept that arises from the definition of a simple "L" shaped shelf that becomes a surface on which to place containers, sinks, accessories, and objects for the bathroom and not only. A simple and linear body anchored to the wall, available in the lacquered or wood essence versions, which acts as a support for elements that differ in shape, materials, and colors.

A shelf that becomes an open system when used in the living area, an environment in which it can be used in the version with a matt black painted aluminum base and can be transformed into a console for audio / video equipment. Ala is a suspended or freestanding element that can be backlit and becomes a continuous surface on which to freely compose one's own backdrop made of small volumes arranged freely, open containers, electronic devices, or objects to display.