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A beautiful bathroom is your tranquil oasis. A truly relaxing space where you can unwind and let the worries of the day fade away. When you’re choosing a new bathtub, it’s so important to make the right choice and pick a bath that’s going to work in harmony with your bathroom, be truly comfortable and to transport your mind away from the world, to boost your feelings of wellbeing and offer the ultimate cleansing experience. If you’re considering a new bathtub then we can wholeheartedly recommend Jacuzzi's Arga and here are 8 reasons why…


Connect with nature with Swirlpool Technology

The gentle swirling waters envelop you, connecting you with nature for the ultimate in relaxation. Feel embraced by the warm waters, soothing aching muscles and bringing instant relief to tired limbs.


Set the mood with Illumatherapy and Coloured Jets

With Illumatherapy, a magical glow surrounds you, perfect for magical evening bathing. It’s the ultimate wellness experience, all the stresses of the day just disappear.


Add beneficial salts automatically with Natural Infusion

Bath salts have many benefits for both mind and body, and with the clever Natural Infusion system the salts are infused automatically, perfectly customised to your own personal preferences.


Easily maintain your preferred temperature

Trying to achieve and then maintain the ideal water temperature in the bathtub can be tricky, but not with the Arga tub which uses advanced engineering techniques to keep the water at your chosen temperature.


Relax easily with no noise

With Jacuzzi's Arga bathtub, all you will hear is the gentle sound of the water flowing around you, as this bath uses Whisper+ Technology resulting in almost silent operation.


It’s all about the details with the Illuminated touchpad

Attention to every detail makes the Arga bath stand out from the crowd and one such detail is the exquisite illuminated touchpad. Made of glass, with a minimalistic design, it’s a miniature work of art in itself.



It’s a totally immersive experience for all the senses

When you combine the swirling water, the tranquillity of water at the perfect temperature and ambient mood lighting, you’ve got the perfect setting for a relaxation experience that fills all your senses and gives you a feeling of ultimate wellbeing, connecting you with the natural world, offering a feeling of peace and harmony that is like no other. 


It looks beautiful too

Your Arga bathtub will be a most wondrous place to be, but even when you’re not in the tub, it will look elegant and sophisticated in your bathroom with its beautiful fluid styling and chic minimal design.


A perfect fit for EKA

Here at EKA we specialise in offering only the very highest quality products that promote wellness in their function and beauty. We believe the Arga bathtub has so much to offer, we are very happy to tell you more about its amazing features. For more information, click here.

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