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Home tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes and are constantly being developed from innovative techniques and materials. In addition to being a practical solution, tiles are also used as means of expressing our personal style and identity. The following brands are famous for their unique solutions which are characterized by sophistication and refinement.




Audacious, opulentand unapologetic, Versace is the epitome of class and timeless luxury. Their tile collections are no exception with each one bearing all the characteristics of the famous Italian brand: glossy finishes, elegant details, and lavish designs. Click here to marvel at all the Versace tile collections.




Italian craftmanship at its best. The company utilizes porcelain stoneware as the basis for the creation of all its tiles. Porcelain stoneware is a fine elegant material which is used to create tiles emulating different effects such as wood, marble and stone. Explore all of Mirage’s tile collection with a single click here.


Iris Ceramica 


Another Italian brand synonymous with high technical and stylistic value. Iris Ceramica creates high-quality tiles that carry a unique statement such as the "Glass Blocks" collection, a collaboration with Diesel Living. Such innovative designs add real value to your home and give a sense of stylishness and subtlety. Click here to see all of the brand's collections. 




Porcelanosa’s appeal lies in the simplicity and natural feel of their tile collections which act as the foundation for personal expression and style to develop. The company focuses on the creation of ceramic tiles which can be used in all home spaces. You can see more collections of this brand, by clicking here.




Bespoke designs brought to life by passion and commitment to excellence. Kronos’ ceramic tiles evoke a sense of prestigiousness and elegance at first glance. A sense that remains the same throughout time. The brand’s tiles come in various shapes and sizes and in 4 different looks: wood, stone, concrete and metal. Discover them all here.


Stylish, luxurious and intriguing, these 5 tile brands are sure to impress. If you’re interested in more information about them feel free to contact us, and if you would like a one-to-one consultation on options that match your needs drop by one of our showrooms and let our experts provide you with the necessary information.

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