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Summer is finally here, giving us the perfect opportunity to dive into the pool and escape the summer heat. But why stop there? Why only have a nice pool when you can have a stunning pool area? That is why we give you 6+1 decoration ideas to create the most perfect pool area that you will not want to leave. 


Choose beautiful garden furniture

A nice seating area made up of comfortable garden furniture adds to the relaxing atmosphere of your pool and it is the perfect place to unwind after a reinvigorating swim.  TIP: If you prefer wooden furniture, go for moisture-resistant hardwoods, such as teak. If you buy plastic furniture, make sure it is water resistant. Furniture from metal is also a good choice, but make sure it has a UV-resistant powder-coated finish to prevent oxidation.


Install a large pergola 

In addition to adding style and character to your pool area, a pergolaoffers the necessary shade to protect you from the sun rays. One of the most popular types of pergola is the one made of wood and this is our favourite too, owing to its wooden exterior that gives it a stylish and cosy appeal.


Surround your pool with greenery

Plants are an excellent way to upgrade your pool area and they offer a sense of privacy when they are placed around the house and close to your pool. When choosing the right plants, you might want to choose ones with larger leaves as they are easier to collect when they fall into the pool or the filter. Plants such as agave, aloe and yucca need little maintenance and thrive on heat, while small palms and cycads bring a tropical note to your poolside garden.


Place decorative lanterns around your pool

Decorative lanterns add charm and create a beautiful place of relaxation. If you are a romantic soul then these are perfect for you and your significant other. What is more, deco lanterns make your pool area safer as they light up the edges of your pool.



Install lighting

One of the best ways to make your pool stand out is with pool lighting. Pool lighting comes in a variety of forms and shapes and serves different functions. Whether installed around or within your pool, it is bound to impress, especially at night. We recommend using LEDas it lasts longer and reduces the need for frequent gasket maintenance.


Use decorative stones around your pool

Whether you choose to lay small pebbles alongside your pool or place large stones around its edges, decorative stones are reminiscent of the summer and add a special touch that adds to your pool’s character and appeal.


Special decorative elements

These are the ones that will steal the show and show your identity. The options are endless: from big and small statues to water fountains to hammocks to illuminating waterfalls – it’s your call. Just make sure it is unique enough to stand out and finish off your pool décor.


We hope that you liked our ideas and that we managed to get you inspired. Now, if you belong to the people who haven’t got a poolbut wish to acquire one, do not hesitate to contact us and visit our pools section where you can find different types of pool and accessories.

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