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When it comes to flooring solutions, ceramic tiles have been among the most popular options, largely because of their resistance, durability and versatility. However, there are many more types of flooring and this article is taking a closer look at these! EKA Group is committed to offering you only the best types of flooring.


1. Ceramic tiles


You have numerous options when it comes to ceramic tiles when it comes to sizes, finishes, and thickness. Ceramic tiles can start from very smaller sizes and can come up to 160x320cm. You can choose from a very wide variety of colours and whether you want it glossy, semi-glossy or matt. All of our ceramic tile collections are carefully selected from well-established brands such as: Mirage, Iris, Porcelanosa, Kronos, Agrob Buchtal, Versace and Gardenia.


2. Decorative Marble Tiles


Decorative Marble Tiles are, as their name suggests, tiles made of marble that feature decorative patterns which make them distinctive and unique. Coming in different colours and varieties, this type of tiles elevates any kind of room, radiating the homeowner’s personal style and taste. EKA Group is a proud distributor of Mipa: an Italian manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing and selling of this type of tiles.


3. Mosaic tiles


Mosaic tiles really stand out from the crowd and they are very versatile and easy to fit as the small tiles usually come attached to a backing sheet which you can just cut to size. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, a sauna area, or your pool, you’ll find mosaic tiles in a huge range of colours and finishes. Bisazza and Buchtal both have a wide variety of mosaic tiles to choose from.


4. Terracotta Tiles


To better understand what terracotta tiles are, we should first break down the word ‘terracotta’ in two separate parts: ‘terra’, the Latin word for Earth, and ‘cotta’ which means baked. Terracotta tilesare exactly that: a type of fired clay, typically of a brownish-red colour and unglazed. What makes this type of tiles appealing is its natural colour. Terracotta tiles are perfect for home spacesthat give an air of simplicity and authenticity. EKA Group is a proud distributor of Manetti Gusmano & Figli. View more here.


5. Laminate Flooring & Wooden Flooring


Recently growing in popularity, laminate flooring is perfect for those who love wooden tiles or parquet flooring but are also interested in a more compact and versatile solution. Laminate flooring is a multi-synthetic flooring product which is just that! Simulating wood and stone, through the application of a photographic layering. Check out our brand Egger.


Another favourite is wooden flooring. This type of flooring adds style to any property: old or new. Because it is a natural product, it retains heat for longer periods of time, making your home feel cosy and warm. It is also easy to maintain and offers a timeless appeal, that’s hard not to like. All these reasons make it a great investment. Check out our brand Wicandersflooring made of cork.


6. Linoleum & LVT Flooring


Characterized as one of the eco-friendliest flooring solutions in the market, Linoleum flooring has recently gained popularity, not only because it is sustainable, but also because it possesses impressive characteristics. It is durable and extremely water-resistant, while its resilience and adaptability make it suitable for all home areas.   


LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is an alternative to natural wood or stone floor aesthetics and comes with a plethora of benefits. This flooring solution is sound absorbing, easy-to-clean, resistant to heavy traffic, environmentally safe, affordable and can be installed and maintained easily. It is also available in many designs.



For more information and images on both, you can check out the amazing brand called Forbo, here.


7. Woven Vinyl Flooring


Being a hybrid product, woven vinyl flooring incorporates two unique materials: vinyl and textile fabrics. This type of flooring is a stylish and contemporary solution that combines the warmth texture of textiles and the durability of vinyl. Check out our brand 2tec2.


8. Granostone Exterior Flooring


When we’re asked which flooring solution we recommend for outdoor areas such us pathways or public-use areas, our answer is always the Granostone exterior flooring, or ‘Monolithic Decorative Flooring’ as it is otherwise known. Consisting of natural pebbles, this product can be laid vertically or horizontally offering very attractive results. It is durable, slip-resistant and it is available in a variety of colours and design options. Just click here to discover more.

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