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The facade of your building speaks volumes about your business, perhaps even more than the interior décor, as the outside is what visitors to your premises will see first. It may, for example in the case of a hotel or a restaurant, be the deciding factor in whether or not someone steps inside, or moves on. Updating the interior of your building is fairly simple and something we often do, to keep things fresh, to move with the times, but have you thought about updating the outside of your building? No matter how great your premises are, if the architecture is looking really outdated, it will be bringing your reputation down. The answer is to add one of these stunning facades. Each option is eye-catching and modern, giving your business the look you’re going for. It enables you to create your own identity regardless of the type of premises your business is located in.


More advantages than just looks

It’s not all about just the aesthetics either. Adding a facade also comes with several other benefits. It can save you money by increasing energy efficiency within the building, the extra layer can help to shield a building from the adverse effects of the wind and rain that can cause corrosion, and it can help to prevent storm damage. Additionally, with a facade, you should find that noise levels are lower, which is perfect if your building is in a city centre or close to a flight path etc.


Five amazing facade solutions



Using an aluminium structure and mechanical anchors, the porcelain stoneware surface is fixed to the wall of the building leaving a ventilation gap. This allows air to circulate and the building to breathe. This is highly insulating and so you’ll find that heat disperses well in the summer months, but is retained when it is cooler. A cost-effective solution.




Using the highest quality ceramics from Agrob Buchtal, this German facade is available in a range of attractive designs and has been used worldwide to create stunning results. Using innovative installation methods, Buchtal is fast to install and so installation costs are kept to a minimum.




Create a real wow factor with the NBK Architectural Terracotta facade. Their motto of ‘progress through diversity’ shines through in every instance. With breath-taking curves, your building will certainly attract attention with an NBK facade in place.




Metallock create innovative customised honeycomb systems with multiple surfacesusing cutting edge technologies. These facades are so versatile they have been successfully implemented within a wide range of industries including marine applications and aerospace.




For a natural look, consider Novowood, a composite material made from 70% natural fibres and 30% polymers. It has a high resistance to ageing, insects and fungus and is very safe. A range of different shapes and colours can be used to give your building a look that is truly unique and customised to your requirements.


Find your perfect facade at your local EKA showroom

Call in to your nearest EKA showroom,either in Limassol, Nicosia, or Larnaca. We’ll be very happy to talk you through all the options and help you find a facade that perfectly represents everything your business stands for.

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