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With the Christmas shopping completed and beautifully wrapped you can sit back and feel proud of all the wonderful gifts you’ve thoughtfully chosen. Friends, relatives, even the pets have all got a gift-wrapped surprise for Christmas day. So now it’s time for one final gift, a treat for your home. Your house keeps you safe and warm all over the festive period, so why not reward your home with a present this Christmas? Choose a stunning gift for your home now and it will be admired by all those extra visitors you have round at this time of year. Here are just five of the most amazing and unique gifts you could pick out for your home this Christmas…


The ultra-stylish “Gessati” sink


If you like to stand out from the crowd and be a little different, you’ll love this beautiful yet extraordinary sink, seamlessly integrating into your space. Parallel lines are running into curved surfaces - A collection that comes from the creativity and thinking of man and is achieved through the precision of the machine, a soft and sinuous volume with enveloping lines obtained by combining 2cm of Carrara marble sheets glued together by means of a coloured resin. Round, oval, or square, Gessati brings energy and personality to the bathroom!


The breath-taking “Ghost” shower head


In the past shower heads have usually been rather dull, but now the shower head can be a main feature of your bathroom when you choose the Ghostshowerhead option. It totally disappears, leaving the role of protagonist to water and its regenerating effect. Perfectly integrated into the ceiling, the Ghost retractable shower head is revealed only when it comes into operation. Once turned off, only the holes, in which the small but performing nozzles reside, reveal its presence defining a regular grid ready to transform into an area of relaxation and absolute well-being thanks to the perfect mixing of air and water!


Consisting of a square or rectangular Flumood plate in which the nozzles have been "drowned", the shower head fits seamlessly with the ceiling and after a perfect shaving can be painted the same colour as the surface that houses it.


A sauna for a warm winter treat


If you really want to treat your home and yourself, then how about a sauna? Designed by the talented Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez and built with the expertise of sauna specialists Klafs, this divine sauna made from high quality materials will look perfect in your home and could be your dream escape when the winter chills set in.


Add a touch of magic with “Cosmopolitan” tiles


Seeking out the finest marbles and faithfully reproducing them in porcelain stoneware to mimic the depth and the wealth of detail and the random veining patterns. A collection in which each slab offers all the thrill of a work of art.


Seven different marble effects, two finishes, four sizes from 80x80cm up to 120x278cm, as well as striking, book match compositions. The allure of marble opens up a word of possible compositions for interior designs!


Make your mirror your talking point


Creating a special blend of art and functionality, the iconic Collage mirrors from Antonio Lupi will enhance any room in your home. Cleverly designed to bring an extra dimension to an ordinary household item, the images enhance the mirrorand the observer becomes part of the image.


Visit your local EKA showroom for more inspiration

You’ll find so many beautiful and inspirational products when you visit your local EKA showroom. So do visit us soon and select your perfect gift to enhance your home this Christmas. We invest a great deal of time and effort to bring you only the very best and most unique products, so you’ll always find something wonderful when you step into our showroom.

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