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Modern, minimalist homes are stunning. You walk in and they take your breath away, but when it comes to living in them, they can sometimes feel too cold and sparse. Our home is our own private sanctuary; it’s our place to celebrate and our special spot to relax in; it’s where we make our happiest memories, and it’s where we hide away when we’re feeling like we just want to shut the world out for a while. There are plenty of ways with which you can make your home feel warm and welcoming.


Look to the natural world

Nature is the perfect inspiration for creating a home that is cosy and comfortable, yet remaining stylish and fashionable. Natural woodor evenwood-looking tiles will always help to add a feeling of warmth to your home. A wooden-looking floor, natural or not, is delightful, and you can add some beautiful rugs for extra texture. Wooden furniture will never go out of fashion and even wooden accents such as lamps or ornaments will add to the natural feel of a room. If you love to travel, always be on the lookout for traditional crafted items that will add a unique touch to your décor. Not only will they make the room feel more homely, but you’ll be reminded of happy holiday memories every time you look at them.


Choose warm colours

We spend most of our time indoors over the winter months, so choose warm tones for your colour scheme in the rooms you frequent most often in the cooler months of the year. Rich earthy tones work well for soft furnishings; perhaps pick out a pattern that reflects nature such as leaves or floral patterns. Ethnic designs, inspired by the artwork of India perhaps, would certainly add a feeling of the exotic. For the walls, a darker shade will make a large room feel more cosy, but even a small room will feel warmer if the walls have a touch of a warm shade, perhaps a peach or pale yellow.


Don’t forget the detail


Those little extra additions are what truly make a house a home. Candles look lovely during the day, but they will transform your room once darkness falls. There’s really nothing more cosy than natural candlelight. Take a walk in the autumn and you can collect pine cones, or autumn leaves to make a display with.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Your home is an extension of you and your personality, and we are all a mixture of many things. Mismatched furniture, an array of cushions in a variety of colours, patterns and materials really make a room feel homely and it’s a fun way to decorate your living spaces as anything goes. If you love it, then use it!


Choose quality brands that will last a lifetime

Of course your accessories can easily be changed when you feel you’d like something different, but some items won’t be replaced often so it’s always a good idea to go for high quality when you’re making a large purchase. Replacing your flooringis expensive and disruptive, so make the right choice first time by opting for the best!


Don’t forget the bathroom


While bringing natural materials into a living room is fairly easy, creating the same feel within a bathroom can be a little trickier, but do check out the range of Nordicstyle wooden bathroom fixtures from Noken. They have a selection of high-quality products that perfectly blend bathroom ceramics with the warmth of wood to create a beautiful and calming Scandinavian style.

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