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These days much more thought is put into the design of our bathrooms than ever before, and there is a huge choice when it comes to your bathroom fixtures and fittings. The bathroom sometimes functions as a place to get hurriedly ready before we rush out to work, yet at other times, it’s a place to relax and luxuriate, to soak away the stresses of the day and calm our minds. So, when it comes to choosing the lighting for yourbathroom, it needs to be multi-functional. Bright and clear enough for applying make-up but with the capacity for low mood lighting for when we’re relaxing in the bathtub.


Luckily there are so many choices available when it comes to bathroom lighting, but sometimes all the choice can be overwhelming. So, here are some ideas for selecting the right type of lighting for your bathroom


Overall lighting

The main light or lights in your bathroom for giving overall light may be a ceiling light in the middle of the room. This gives a good level of illumination but does not add much interest or set a relaxing mood. Surface mounted spotlights will allow you to add illumination right where you need it or opt for downlights at the edges of the room for a softer effect.


Specific task lighting

When it comes to applying make-up, shaving or cleaning your teeth, you want good lighting close to a mirror. You can choose to install wall lights either side of your mirror, or you could opt for an illuminated mirror. This will save wall space as the lighting is incorporated into the mirror itself.


Lights for creating a relaxing atmosphere

Creating a wonderful, calming mood within the bathroom is easy when you have the right lighting. LED lights can be used to great effect in a bathroom. LED downlights can be fitted to the top of alcoves or niches to illuminate some choice display areas. Recessed LEDS can be fitted close to the floor to bring a glow to your flooring. You could even fit LED strip lights around your bath. LED lights are available in warm white which is cosier than a bright white, or you could even opt for colour changing LEDS so you can pick a colour that suits your décor, or your mood. Choose small wall-mounted LED lights for useful spots, and this can work well if you’re visiting the bathroomin the night. You’ll have enough light to see by, but you won’t be exposed to the full glare of the main lighting, which can be a shock to eyes when we’ve walked out of darkness into a brightly lit bathroom.


Give a thought to style

With so many different styles of lighting available, you’ll easily find something that works well for your bathroom. Consider the overall style of your bathroom. If you’ve opted for a vintage Victorian style bathroom suite, then more traditional light fittings would look great. A sleek minimalist suite can be accented by similarly sleek light fittings.


Get the best advice

EKA group is always on hand to offer the best advice for which lighting solutions would work best for your home. Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding bathroom lighting.

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