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The summer months are coming to an end and fall is here. You’ve spent so many wonderful days enjoying your pool, precious family time, fun parties with friends, and time watching the kids gain their confidence and skills in the water. Your pool has been refreshing, a lovely way to cool off from the soaring summer temperatures, but now the heat is dissipating, does that mean it’s time to put your pool cover on and hide indoors for the rest of the year? Of course not! You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into your pool. It’s a beautiful feature of your home and it’s something you truly enjoy and are quite rightly very proud of. So it’s really important that you can enjoy it well into fall and beyond. There are plenty of ways to ensure your poolstays at a pleasant temperature over the fall so you can continue to enjoy swimming in it. Here are some tips for how to keep your swimming pool warm all over the fall months…


Invest in a good gas heater

A gas heater will keep your water warm at all times, it will even be warm at night if you simply love swimming in your pool after dusk when all your beautiful pool lights make it look so magical. It’s certainly money well spent, and there are some very efficient models these days that help to keep your pool heating costs as low as possible.


Swap your pool cover for a solar blanket

A solar blanket is similar to a pool cover, but it doubles up as a pool heater. It will store the heat from the sun during the day and due to its high insulating properties, keep the water warm through the night. This also has the added advantage of reducing evaporation of water from your swimming pool.


Use solar rings

Another option is to use solar rings. They’re more convenient to use than a solar blanket if you’re going to be in and out of your poolregularly over the fall and they’re also perfect for a pool that isn’t a standard size or shape. You’ll find solar rings easier to store over the summer months too when your pool is warm enough, and you don’t need any extra heating.


Consider a liquid sun cover

Liquid sun cover is an innovative product that uses a layer of liquid to keep the heat in your swimming pool. Some people mistakenly think that once you’ve added your liquid sun cover you can’t use the pool anymore, but that isn’t the case. It’s perfectly safe to swim in a pool with a liquid sun cover, you’ll just need to add more liquid to your pool when you do use it.


Get in touch for more information

If you have any queries about pool heating over the fall, or if you’re looking to renovate or build a pool, please get in touch with us, we’re always happy to advise you. You’ll find more useful tips for pool owners on our website too.

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