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There’s a whole world of ceramic floor coverings out there these days and while it’s wonderful to have so much choice, sometimes it can seem overwhelming. With so many options, you can be worried about making the wrong choice, and if you did, it would be a very time consuming, inconvenient and costly mistake to put right. So read our guide and don’t rush into buying your ceramic floor without putting some thought into it. Some careful planning now will ensure you choose the floor that will perfectly suit your needs and make you happy for many years to come.


Think about your home and lifestyle

All families are different, and some are just more energetic and lively than others. If your household is one of those whirlwind homes with something always going on, kids and their friends in and out, pets playing and walking around with their dirty paws, you have a fabulous life, but it’s certainly one that can cause some wear and tear on your home! For busy homes, it’s important to choose a flooring that is highly durable and won’t stain. It needs to be easy to clean too as you’ve always got something better to be doing than scrubbing your floor!


Consider your budget

You need to think about how much you want to spend on your flooring. Remember it isn’t just the cost of the tiles you need to take into consideration, it’s also the cost of installing them, and perhaps removing the flooring that is already present. Spending as much as you can afford on your tiles is always a good investment. Good quality floor tiles will last longer, they’ll be easier to maintain and you won’t have the inconvenience of replacing them for a very long time. Cheap tiles may look like a bargain but often they can be a false economy.


Match your tiles to your home

Think about the furniture, the colour scheme and the uses of the room you’re laying the floor in. If you have bright coloured pieces of furniture in your room, teamed with lively patterned curtains, then you may want to opt for a more subdued flooring. It’s perhaps not the best idea to match your flooring with soft furnishings as it’s likely your floor with long outlive a cushion or rug. Or perhaps your floor is going to be the main feature of the room. In that case you can consider some more bold designs or intricate mosaics that will really stand out and be a talking point of your home.


It’s all about you

At the end of the day, it’s your home and you are unique. Explore the tiles available and focus on colours, design, shapes and texture. Which are you drawn to? You can do whatever you like, and if you ignore all our tips, we think you should go with this one. Pick thetiles you love. When you choose your perfect tiles, even if you think they’re a little quirky or you’re splashing out a little too much money, if they’re going to make you smile every day, isn’t that worth it?

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