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When you’re redesigning your bathroom there are many choices you need to make, but perhaps ones of the most important decisions are whether you’re going to opt for a bathtub, a shower or both. The choice you make will be dependent on considering a range of factors, to ultimately bring you the ideal solution that works with the flow of your home and the lifestyle of your family. Here are some thoughts to consider in order to make the best decision...


Will size permit both a bath and a shower?

One crucial aspect is the size of your bathroom. If there is simply no room for both a bathtub and a shower tray, then you will have to make a choice between one or the other unless you’re considering some major renovations such as extending the bathroom into the room next to it or relocating your bathroom to a room of a larger size. If you have a small bathroom, a room with a shower only will feel more spacious than one with a bathtub in it.


A bath can be a shower, but a shower can’t be bath

You can compromise on a free-standing shower by fitting a shower head above your bathtub, but of course, it doesn’t work the other way around, you can’t take a bath in a shower tray!


A bath is so relaxing – would you miss that?

You need to think about how much you love soaking in a hot bath. Do you luxuriate in it? Perhaps read a book by candlelight? If bath time is your special time, could you live without it or would you simply miss that time too much?


A shower is useful for busy families


If there are several of you all vying for the bathroom every morning, a shower is quick and easy and ensures everyone can get in and out of the bathroom quickly and get on with their day, not holding anyone else up. If you only have one family bathroom then this could be an even more important point to take into consideration.


 A shower is better for the environment and for your pocket too

A shower uses a lot less water than a bath, so by taking more showers and less baths you’re doing your bit for the planet, and if your water is metered, you’ll also be saving money.


Think about your needs

Consider the individual needs of every member of the family. Perhaps someone unsteady on their feet would prefer to step into a shower than a bath. Someone with back ache may find that a bath soothes their aches and pains. If you have young children, you perhaps want a bath to make bathing them simpler and of course, kids love to play in the bath too.


Opting for both is the ideal solution if you can find the space


There are so many benefits to having both a bath and a shower, if it’s at all possible, having both is the best decision, then you are catering for every mood, every situation and every future eventuality too.


For more advice and to discover the bathroom suite of your dreams that will perfectly suit your home and your needs, get in touch with our team.

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