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Owning a pool is fabulous, it’s fun, it’s great exercise and it’s perfect for parties. When you have a pool, you’ll want to invite friends and family round to enjoy it with you, so if you’re going to be showing off your new pool, you want it to be truly stunning. With a little thought and planning, you can use your imagination, push those boundaries, and have a pool that’s unique, breath-taking and that will certainly awe your guests. Here are just a few ideas to do something a little different from the ordinary with your own pool design


Be creative with shape


Your pool doesn’t have to be rectangular, it can be any shape you choose. You could have an L-shaped pool, a round pool, or a pool with an island in the centre!


Put thought into your tiles

You can be as creative as you like with your tiling. Coloured tiles for the pool itself can add a real wow factor, when the water distorts the pattern and the colours shine through. You can create patterns and borders with your poolside tiles too.


Position your pool carefully

Think about the view from your pool and make sure your pool is built to make the most of the best views from your property.


Take inspiration from your travels

Looking back on your holiday photographs is always fun, it brings back wonderful memories, but hotel pools can also give you lots of inspiration for your pool so get out those photos and see if you can get any ideas. Many big ideas can be scaled down and incorporated into a home pool with a little thought and planning.


 Use planting to good effect

Adding greenery around your pool can give it a really lush, tropical feel, so be sure to set aside space for potted plants or borders when you’re planning your poolside areas.


Add colour with your accessories

You can really liven up a pool area with some colourful lounger cushions, pretty lanterns, fairy lights or brightly coloured plant pots.


Make the most of the shade


If you have trees in or near your garden, these can make the perfect backdrop to your poolside area, a cool and tranquil spot to relax by the pool without feeling the full force of the midday sun.


Don’t forget the fun factor

The way your pool looks is important, but it’s the experience that people will remember most. Add in fun features such as a slide or a waterfall and you’ll be upping the fun factor, for the kids, and the young at heart!


Add in-pool seating

Pool side seating is commonplace, but why not add a seating area actually into your pool itself? You can easily build a stepped corner that’s perfect for sitting in the water, ideal for cooling off on a hot day, relaxing with friends and having a chat.


Create a classical look

You can create a magical classical theme with the addition of sculptures, potted urns and columns.


Make good use of lighting

Lighting in the homecan make a world of difference, and this is the same with your pool. LED lights in your pool can totally transform it at night time and it will look stunning even when you’re not even using the pool. Mood lighting will make the pool feel relaxing and romantic or turn on the colour changing lights for a disco party vibe. Fairy lights around your pool area will also add to the magical ambiance of your outdoor space.


Find out more

To discover more about how to build your own perfect, unique and awe-inspiring pool, click here or get in touch and speak with the experts.

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