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Planning a pool is exciting, but it’s also a big purchase, and one that’s hard to change once it’s built, so you need to put in plenty of thought to ensure you get the pool of your dreams. Here are some questions you should consider, to make sure that your new pool is perfect…


1. What will you use the pool for?

Think about how you will use the pool. Perhaps you have young children who will love to play in it. So you’ll want a pool with a good-sized shallow end. Maybe you want a pool for exercise? In that case you’ll need a good-sized pool that works well for lap swimming. A pool for entertaining and throwing parties will need to be a decent size and have some good seating areas around it.


2. Where is your pool going to go?

Think about where the pool is going to fit into your space. Would you like to be able to see your pool from inside your home, or be able to step out into the pool easily from indoors? What other items will you want near your pool? Perhaps you’d love lots of seating, loungers, a bar area or an outdoor dining area. You’ll need to make sure your pool doesn’t fill all your space if you want all or some of these close to it.


3. What size or style of pool would you like?

This will be balance between practicality and desire. You may love a round pool, but it won’t make the most of a small space, and if you’re looking for a pool to swim laps in, then a rectangular pool may be your best option. You can easily add interest with patterned pool tiles and shaped seating areas around your pool.


4. What will your pool be made from?

Different materials have different costs and some will be more durable than others. You may prefer concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. A good pool builder will be able to take you through the advantages of each type and you can see which best suits your needs and your budget.


5. Will you want any extras?

It’s easier to incorporate extra features such as a diving board, an integral hot tub or a slide into the build of your pool rather than trying to add them in at a later stage, so think about any fun features that you really want now.


6. What about landscaping?

If you want your new pool to be surrounded by lush tropical gardens, you’ll need to factor this into your budget and allow space within your design for the planting.


7. What are the legalities?

Some types of pool require you to have a permit to build it. It’s so important to have this in place before work begins. Additionally, you’ll need to know where the sewers and power cables run under your property as this could affect where a pool can be safely built.


8. Will you want your pool fenced off?

A fence around a pool is important if you’re going to have small children at your home. Pools can be dangerous so ensure your pool is safe with a fence that surrounds your pool.


9. What about pool maintenance costs?

It’s easy to get preoccupied with the cost of building the pool, but you must remember that there will also be some ongoing costs. Find out what these are in advance. Of course, you can always learn how to maintain your pool yourself which will save money hiring someone to do this for you.


10. Will the pool add value to your home?

The climate you live in will make a difference as to whether your pool will be an asset if you come to sell your home. In a warmer climate, it will likely increase the value of your property. However, in a cold climate, it may actually be a negative as potential buyers may not want the hassle of maintaining a pool that they feel they won’t use so much and would perhaps prefer a larger garden instead.


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