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When you’re planning your new bathroom, you’ll be imagining luxurious whirlpool baths to linger in, rainfall showers and perhaps a waterproof Bluetooth music system so you can enjoy your favourite tunes and sing in the shower. But what item in the bathroom gets the most use? The toilet of course, so why do we tend to overlook the loo when we’re planning our bathrooms? It really is very important! You may not think there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to toilets, but once you start looking into it, you’ll soon discover that there is actually a huge selection of toilets on the market, all with their own unique style and function.

Wall hung or floor standing

Both designs work well, and if you love the look of a toilet, it doesn’t make too much difference whether it’s a wall hung or floor standing design. However, a wall hung toilet will enable you to clean under it more easily and it can make the room look more spacious as the cistern is hidden, so it’s a good choice for a smaller bathroom.

Consider shape and finish

Are you going for a minimalist look with clean lines, or perhaps a more opulent or vintage style would be more suited to your property? There are plenty of different styles to choose from. Bear in mind the size. If you opt for a large ornate Victorian style toilet, you’ll want the matching bath and basin, and will all this fit comfortably within your space? You’ll also find a variety of colours and finishes. Glossy or matt? Go classic white or choose an outstanding colour? That’s another decision to think about.

Get a greener toilet

If you care deeply about the environment, you can opt for a toilet that uses less water when it is flushed. This stops water being wasted and if your water is metered, it will also save you money, so it could be the most cost effective option long term.

Step into the future with a smart toilet

Toilet technology is perhaps something you haven’t really looked into, or even know exists, but if you like your gadgets you really should check out what’s available. Would a heated toilet seat bring you extra comfort in the winter months? How about a toilet that both washes and dries for the ultimate in toilet hygiene? It’s not often the toilet is the talking point of a home, but a high tech toilet will certainly impress your guests!

Find out more

To discover a world of amazing high quality sanitary ware, just click here. From whirlpool baths to toilets and bidets, you’ll find it all. Contemporary cutting-edge designs, to historic designs with a modern twist, you’ll find the perfect bathroom for you and your family. Get in touch to learn more.

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