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Everyone loves a pool in the summer time. Whether you simply relax beside it, watching the kids play and have fun, you get up early every morning to swim some laps to get your body in great summer shape, or you’re throwing a huge pool party for your friends and family, you just can’t beat a beautiful pool.

A pool is a big investment, and once built, it’s not easy to change, so you need to put plenty of thought into your pool design so you know you’re getting the perfect pool for you, that will suit your property and your family’s needs. Looking at other pool designs is the ideal way to get inspiration. Don’t just limit yourself to searching for pool design ideas for private residences, you should also check out hotel pools as these will give you some great fun ideas that can be scaled down for smaller pools. You’ll find plenty of inspiration online, but first, here are 6 swimming pools that we have designed and constructed. These ideas should begin to spark your imagination for your own pool project…

Olympic Lagoon

This large pool has some wonderful curves, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. It’s a good reminder that your pool doesn’t have to be rectangular. If you have an odd shaped garden, you can create a pool of any shape or size to fit in with the surroundings. This pool has gentle slopes making it great for toddlers to play in the shallow end, and it’s also easier for adults to get into the water too, or simply to step in and keep your feet cool on a hot day.

Atlantica Mare Village

There are so many different colours to choose from, you can choose more than one shade to add an accent colour or create a pattern. Check out these pools to see a clever use of lighting to make your pool look as gorgeous at night as it is in the day. This is lovely if you can see your pool from your home.

Minthis Hills

These residential pools have been built to make the very best of the views from these hilltop residences. If your property has a breath-taking view, then why not take this into consideration when you’re planning your pool design? Relaxing on a sun lounger by the pool is even more pleasant when you’re looking at a wonderful panoramic view.

Internodium Development

Just check out this pretty floral tile design. This is definitely going to get you thinking. Of course you can have any design you want, something that expresses your own personality. It really does make a pool stand out from the rest and may be an aspect of pool design that you’ve never thought of.

Private Residence

This private pool has a fun in-pool seating area. Perfect for relaxing while keeping cool at the same time. A place for the adults to gather and chat while the kids are having fun and splashing around in the main pool area.

For more information on how to plan your new pool project, get in touch for a quote for your new pool that will make your summer dreams come true.

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