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Forbo has recently introduced a new range of linoleum flooring entitled Marmoleum Marbled. Inspired by the natural world, the design thoughts behind the range were to bring a homely feel to any environment.

A move away from dull design

There’s a growing trend towards creating spaces that feel lived in and are relaxing to spend time in. Reducing the levels of formality within the design encourages us to feel more at home, wherever we are. Mixing materials and design ideas moves away from the concepts that public spaces and work places have to be pristine, bland and corporate.

So many benefits for the workplace

The design of any space affects how we feel about it. So it’s easy to see that using a range of materials and blending colour and texture, can make any room or building a more pleasant place to be. Many of us spend a great deal of time in our workplace. A dreary formal office with stark bright lighting is not a pleasant place to be, but bring in some inspiration from nature, mix and match the flooring and functionality can blend perfectly with comfort. When we feel at ease in our workplace, we are more productive, we enjoy our environment, and stress levels are reduced. When you consider how many work hours are lost due to stress and stress related illnesses, you can see how investing in the design of the workplace can be incredibly beneficial.

Ideal for healthcare

Applying this concept to the healthcare sector brings even greater rewards. Feeling at home and comfortable in a healthcare environment can make the world of difference to anyone who is ill and their carers.

Five different styles

The new Mamoleum Marbled range from Forbo consists of five different styles in a wide range of colour options, each blending many shades evoking the natural world. With the practicality of lino, but with a feel of comfort and relaxation, the styles can be used in harmony with each other to bring a space together or define zones within a space.

An environmentally friendly choice

In addition, this new flooring from Forbo has been independently Environmentally Product Declaration confirmed to be a carbon neutral flooring during manufacture, and is made predominantly from natural materials.

Discover Mamoleum Marbled and learn more

Would this innovative flooring benefit your business environment? Find out more about Forbo flooring and take a closer look at this new range by visiting our website.

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