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When you’re considering building a pool in your garden, you’re bound to think of many benefits, because there are loads! It’ll be fun, you’ll be able to throw pool parties and with a pool on your doorstep, you’ll get lots of exercise. But there are some benefits of owning a pool that you probably haven’t thought of, so here is some more food for thought that might just make you decide to take the plunge!

Knowing your kids are safe

During the holidays, or at weekends, the kids can often get bored. They want to be out and about with their friends, but do you find yourself worrying about them? You’re never quite sure where they are, and if they are at a friend’s house, do you know they are safe? When you have a pool at home, it will be your house where everyone comes to hang out with your kids, so they’re just a glance away to check that they are okay. You know your pool is a safe area for everyone, so you can have peace of mind that your precious children are totally fine.

Keeping the kids healthy

Owning a pool is also the perfect way to ensure your kids stay fit and healthy. Good health in childhood paves the way for a healthy lifestyle as an adult, which is the greatest gift you can ever give. On a hot day, the kids are less likely to get out and run around in the garden, or go for a walk. Instead they tend to take to their bedrooms to watch movies and play games. But when you have a cool, refreshing pool, there’s a huge incentive to get out in the fresh air and soak up all that Vitamin D that so many youngsters are lacking in these days. When you have a pool in the garden, suddenly the backyard turns from boring to fun!

Quality time with the grandchildren

Even if your kids are all grown up, these benefits will still apply if you have grand kids! It’s a great opportunity to spend extra time with the youngest generation of your family and with a pool, you’ll certainly see them more often!

Saves time and money on gym memberships

Going to the gym is a chore. You’ve got to get there and back, get changed, shower, it’s so time consuming. So you start going less regularly, then you work out you’re really not getting your money’s worth and so you cancel your membership. When you own a pool, of course there are no membership fees, and your gym is right there on the doorstep! What more motivation do you need?

Find out more about pool ownership

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