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We put our all into everything we do here at EKA. Every project we undertake is created with great thought and attention to detail, so we know all our customers will be happy with our work for many years to come. But this project is something a little different, this project is going to benefit us here at EKA so much and it’s been a while in the planning. For quite some time now we’ve been interested in the WorkCafe concept. We wanted a relaxing and welcoming space that would be incredibly versatile and easily accessible. A lunch room that can be so much more besides. A place for informal meetings, a quiet spot for concentrating, a peaceful oasis to take a break from our desks. We’ve seen the work cafe concept implemented by large overseas companies and they’ve been shown to improve productivity, collaboration and staff well-being.

So this is something we’d been wanting for a while, and now the dream has become a reality. We found the perfect spot. A small room that was used for storage, close to our main building and to the parking lot. We could relocate the storage facility, and use this space for our perfect workcafe.

The building was looking tired, but it had a lot of original features. With our business being in the heart of the old city, we wanted to keep the feel of industry and craftsmanship, while adding a modern twist and of course bringing the room up to date and adding in modern conveniences that would make the room a really pleasant place to be. So we added a new facade from the Buchtal collection of KeraTwin K20 we think it looks amazing. With a stylish patio area to relax with a coffee, plenty of comfortable interior seating, the new Louis Workcafe has already become a valuable asset to everyone here at EKA.

Just recently the Louis Workcafe provided the perfect venue for a cocktail party we held after our Cobiax seminar. We’d like to thank everyone who attended the seminars in Nicosia and Limassol, and for those who came along to our cocktail party, we truly hope you enjoyed spending time in the Louis Workcafe with us!

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