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Summer has drawn to an end, fall is here and winter is ahead of us. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a pool, you might be tempted to put your plans on the back burner for now. Your pool will get the most use in summer, so there’s no point getting one installed in the fall right? Well actually getting your new pool at this time of year actually makes a lot of sense, and here’s why…

Contractors will have more availability

It stands to reason that when the sun is shining, more people decide they’d love to have a pool. They don’t want to wait, the summer doesn’t last forever, so there’s always a greater demand for pools over the hotter months of year. When the summer is over, demand falls, and so you are more likely to find a company to build your pool that isn’t booked up and so you have more options.

You’ll have the perfect pool ready for when you need it

Building a pool does take some time. If you begin work at the start of summer, you’re losing time you could be spending enjoying your new pool. Have it installed over the fall and it will be ready and waiting for the first warm days of spring.

An outdoor spa is ideal for winter

If you’re thinking of having a spa area at your poolside with a hot tub, then even if you don’t fancy a dip in your new pool right away, you’ll be able to use your hot tub all year round. There’s something magical about relaxing in a cosy spa tub when the weather is colder.

You’ll have time to plan and save for your decking

When you have your pool built over the fall, you can spend the winter saving up for any additions such as a pool house or deck. You’ll have time to plan for it, and again you can take advantage of out-of-season discounts and deals.

Plan your new pool now

Interested in having your dream pool built this fall? Then do get in touch, we can help you with every aspect of planning and building the perfect pool for you and your family.

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