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Having a pool at your own home is a whole lot of fun, it’s great for relaxing around, it keeps the kids entertained and it’s just perfect for parties, but owning a pool also has some fantastic benefits for your health. We take a look at four of the most important ways in which your health can benefit if you have a home pool…

1. Stress and anxiety is greatly reduced

Stress is a massive problem in our hectic modern world. So many of us work too hard, then when we get home from work, we’re still connected, checking our phones for messages and emails into the night. Stress can easily be dismissed as just a consequence of life, it’s just the way it is, but stress is a big killer. Stress can lead to some serious mental health conditions such as depression, it can cause insomnia and ultimately it can also lead to some serious physical problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Studies show that people who suffer from high levels of stress are more likely to put on weight and are more prone to diabetes. So you see, anything that can reduce your stress levels is a very good thing!

Swimming is well known for lowering stress and anxiety levels. When we swim, we have a feeling of calm and it’s such an enjoyable way to get our exercise. When exercising in the pool, our bodies release serotonin, the chemical that tells our brains that we are happy. Having a pool at your home is a fantastic mood booster!

2. You’re way more likely to get enough exercise

Swimming at home, in your own pool is a lot of fun. You are far more likely to get the amount of exercise that you need when you have a private pool at your own home. Many of us have good intentions about going to the gym, or getting out for a run, but it can soon become tedious. Having fun in your own home just never gets boring. With regular exercise you’ll maintain a healthy weight, you’ll sleep better, you will be lowering your risk of diseases and your respiratory and cardiovascular systems will be kept healthy.

3. You get the benefit of the great outdoors

Having a home pool gets you out in the sunshine more often. Studies show that exercising outdoors helps to improve brain function. You’ll also get plenty of vitamin D which is vital for our bodies to function fully.

4. The social aspect brings benefits to health

When you have a pool, you’re likely to invite friends and family round to share it with you. Engaging socially has been shown to have many health benefits. You’re likely to live longer and you’re reducing your risks of dementia. It’s also thought that spending time with other people helps to boost our immune systems, making us better at fending off colds.

A pool is fun, it’s luxurious and it’s good for your health

There are just so many good reasons to own a pool at home. Is this something you’ve been considering? Why not look into it today and see if we can help you with your new pool plans. You’ll find our free ebook The Ultimate Pool Guide a great starting point, or get in touch if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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